Financial Woes $$$

Ugh, it’s been a rough few months. I’m about a month behind in my rent, possibly going in to two months behind simply because we’re waiting for our Income Tax to come in and get that settled. What has happened is that our prior employers have limited our hours and I’ve personally had to get two jobs and my other half has had to quit and start over with a new job. It’s just basically playing catch-up now.

I’ve never been so physically exhausted and lethargic though. I’m a supervisor/key holder at one job which exhausts me alone simply because I do a lot of heavy lifting, up/down ladders and customer service. My other part-time job is oddly a little more, relaxed? I’m not sure how to explain it as it’s at a copy centre (a smaller one) like when I worked for Staples Canada as their Copy & Print Centre Lead but, not as insane. In this case, I don’t work alone and aside for their price points being VASTLY different and their capabilities in production in-house a lot different, I enjoy it. My boss is quite nice and considerate too which is probably very helpful as well.

On the positive side today, I got to meet my bosses’ two little puppers; so cute! Cheered me right up. They’re an interesting breed: chihuahua/mini greyhound? Not sure exactly but they’re mutts and adorable ones at that.

Well, I guess all I can really do is be as positive and patient as I possibly can since freaking out about it isn’t really going to help me much.


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