So, in March were I got an ultimatum from my initial and main job at Dollarama that they don’t work around other schedules and I had to make a choice between them and my second job at Duplicators. So, I gave my verbal notice – I quit.

I would have stayed but when my boss defended me because I wasn’t getting enough hours to live and had to get a second job. My district manager said that it “wasn’t her problem”. Nice huh? 

Anyway, the last day there will be April 9th. 

From my prior posts, some of my financial issues are dealt with thanks to the Canadian Red Cross CHPI program. I am officially caught up on my rent aside for April’s which is upcoming in a few days.

We’re experiencing a freezing rain … storm? Lots of ice and I can barely walk around; I fell and have the bruises on my butt and left leg I gained today. Feels wonderful.

Well, time to relax with a sick boyfriend.


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