Did you know that posting while using a tablet is quite difficult without use of a stylus? Thought I’d share that as I gave up and decided to post using my PC as I’m listening and half-watching Game Grumps compilations on YouTube.

Speaking of Game Grumps, I’ve been oddly obsessed with Ninja Sex Party and more specifically, Danny Avidan who is the singer. They did a group music video with TWRP called “The Hit” I’ve been spamming on YouTube and consequently downloaded in to my music list/collection; let me know if you like it. It’s very 80’s and Danny’s actually not half-bad of a singer. Normally they do comedic music but the odd occasion they do covers or in this case, more original stuff and Dan is doing the vocals.

I’ve been watching and listening to a lot of Game Grumps lately as they make me laugh and play really well in the background as I get ready for the many, many days and hours I work consecutively.

Oh yeah! I work two jobs; I work for a company called Dollarama (for those who aren’t Canadian) and a small copy centre company called “Duplicators” as well. Between the two I work anywhere from 30 to 65 hours a week. Sadly, both are minimum wage which is why I’ve had to get two jobs in the first place since well, bills. I lost my job in November 2016 as a scheduler and picked up the Key Holder position at Dollarama as it was better than being on welfare. Side note: scheduling for PSW’s and clients that need them – SUCK. It’s so stressful and made me in to a horrible mess. So glad I don’t work there any more even though on my form it states I was “fired” I was never told why I was let go. Just told “hey you’re fired” and escorted out of the office. Don’t know the reason why to this day but oh well. Glad I’m not in that environment any more.

Yup, random nonsense.

I don’t normally go to parties. I always feel awkward and the conversation forced. On St. Patrick’s Day I went to a party with my boyfriend. I was alright, didn’t really like or dislike the experience but as I was going home, I found out that people had asked my boyfriend “why are you with her?”. I’m not sure how I should take that as it can be taken two ways: good because they believe I’m good enough for him or bad, which is the way I responded, because I’m older, overweight and don’t think so highly of myself.

As stated in my other post, I suffer from anxiety and depression. I’ve never had a strong ego or had any personal opinion about my looks or weight. I’m aware that I’m technically overweight due to my height of 5’1″ and i should be at 130lbs maximum. I’m currently at 147lbs.
Anyway, something about that comment just rubbed me the wrong way. Two 20-somethings were hitting on my boyfriend in front of me during the party to which I’m ok with as he comes home with me but, they started this comparison. I shouldn’t give a damn as I’m older by at least 10 years but, again, I have no self-esteem or confidence. 

Well, I woke up today and was hoping to experience a nice wake up with hugs, perhaps some personal time but little things like that don’t happen unless instigated. Romantic gestures aren’t really something my boyfriend comes by naturally.  Oh well… I won’t think about it too much. Not sure where I planned on going with this. Just wanted to share I guess. 

My Horoscope 

I’m an Aquarian; big surprise there. I’ve always been intrigued by my zodiac and read up on all of its various interpretations. I was born on February 9, 1985. I’m the Rat in the Chinese zodiac. I stumbled across this while looking up a title for this blog and thought that a lot of it was surprisingly accurate.

Aquarius is represented with the Water-bearer symbol. As numerology suggests the life path number for everybody born on 9 Feb 1985 is 7. The polarity of this sign is positive and its most descriptive characteristics are accommodating and dynamic, while it is generally called a masculine sign.

The element for this astrological sign is the Air. Three characteristics of someone born under this element are: being genuinely interested in what people say, having a joyful and positive energy, having the ability to easily understand the course of events.

The modality for Aquarius is Fixed. The main three characteristics of an individual born under this modality are:prefers clear paths, rules and procedures, has a great willpower, dislikes almost every change

February 9 1985 Health Astrology

Someone born under Aquarius horoscope has a predisposition to suffer from health problems in connection to the area of the ankles, lower leg and the circulation in these areas.

Below there is such a list with a few examples of illnesses and diseases an Aquarius may need to deal with, but please take into account that the possibility to be affected by other health issues should not be ignored:

  • Bone fractures caused by brittle bones.
  • Depression as defined as the presence of severe feelings of despondency, melancholy and despair.
  • Aneurism which is a bulging area in the wall of an artery that has become weaker and impairs the circulation through the artery.
  • Dermatitis which is the general term for all kinds of inflammations of the skin.

Source: thehoroscope.co

So, I have eczema. I am medically diagnosed with anxiety and depression; no aneurysms thankfully. I hate change as it makes me work harder. I’m also apparently quite stubborn lol

Anyway, just an introductory post. Going to put my daily life up for the world to read. Enjoy.